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From the store shelf to the olive grove

In accordance with the HACCP certification, it is required that complete records are
kept of the raw materials and their course up to the final packing. Our company records
all the details of the harvest, processing and packaging of the product. All this is translated
into a unique Lot Number which corresponds to a series of information, which we wanted
to make available to the wide public. Thus from the product that one will find in the shelf
of a shop one can reach up to the field from which the fruit was gathered that gave the olive
or the olive oil of Velouitinos.

  1. If you are holding a package of Velouitinos, then search for the Lot Number,
    which is situated along with the best before date into the white frame of the package.

  2. Go to the Traceability page (click here) and type at least the first 8 digits of
    the Lot number. Please pay attention to the fifth digit which is a letter (D or T)
    written with Latin character.

  3. Press the “Search” button.

  4. If you are presented with more than one option, then select the one found in the package.
    In order for you see all elements press the magnifying lens in the first column.
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